Finally, I am done moving. I remember why I hate moving! Hopefully, I will be able to get back to writing soon.


4 Days Off

I really hope to get a chance to write, but I am sure I will be too busy moving. Anyway, I am going to take a short nap. Then, it is time to finish packing. Not sure whether to sigh or smile. Maybe, I will do both! 🙂

A Man For Jayla on Nook

I know it was just two reviews,  but they were very positive reviews.  Should be sleeping. Thank you to the 2 people that took the time to review the short romance. I welcome all feedback. I only wish to improve on my writing, and negative feedback is part of that. 🙂


I suppose I should go to sleep soon. I am sure my patients need a functional nurse, but I would so love to call in. I won’t. So, it is time to do that boring bit necessary thing called sleep. Have a good one!

His Supernatural Queen

Mallory Evans stood in the corner of the dark room and wondered how she had managed to get herself into her current predicament. She considered herself to be fairly level headed, but this was anything but a sane adventure. She tensed as the guard walked by the door to the room she was currently hiding in. She held onto the file in her hand and looked around the room for a hiding space. There was nowhere to hide should he decide to open the door. She tensed as the knob turned. Her breathing sounded loud to her own ears. Surely, he could hear it to. The knob stopped turning, and the guard continued on his rounds for the current hour. She let out a soft sigh of relief.Taking a step into the dark room, she would have screamed, if not for the hand that clamped over her mouth. She heard a very male voice against her ear that made her think of a bed with silk sheets and candle light. It took her a minute to pull her current thoughts out of the proverbial gutter. She had a situation here and tuning in to fantasy land wasn’t helping her get out of it.“Well, well, what do we have here?” the voice taunted.She tried to speak, but his hand was still over her mouth. Her first thought was that she needed to break free and scream. But she couldn’t do that. The guard was still close by, but then she would have to admit to her own guilt. What was a girl to do?The guy attached to the male voice turned her around in his arms and stared down at her. A sardonic smile curled his lip slightly upward as his hands gripped her arms too tightly.”Did you find what you were looking for?“ he growled.She glanced at the file in her hand and wished she had hidden it, but how was she to know that a Neanderthal would show up in the middle of the night. And just where in the hell had he come from? He was nowhere earlier. He wasn’t even there, when the guard made his rounds. It was as if he formed from shadows within a very small amount of time. She stared at him and wondered, if she had finally flipped out and started hallucinating.